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I took a search for archived messages on this issue but the existing issue doesn't seem to relate to mine as I'm using the correct cryptographic parameter lengths as far as I can tell. Anyway my code is extremely simple but unfortunately I'm getting a segfault during encryption of a message, it occurs when the first xor_block_aligned method is called during message encryption. I'm assuming that I have mis defined something as the code has not been modified in any way.

I'm using hard coded values for the Key, IV and Header as you can see below...

unsigned char* pChrIV = (unsigned char*)malloc(24);
memset(pChrIV, 1, 24);

unsigned char* pChrHeader = (unsigned char*)malloc(16);
memset(pChrHeader, 1, 16);

char* pChrMessage = "jfdk vklsdfasdfjdsajhfljasdfjhsdakjfkjhdsfsdliuhfhdsuihfausdhflhalsdjkhflaskdjfadjf nvkjsdnf kj nfdlkjnv lkjsdnf vkjndsf lkvjlkdfsj";

unsigned char* pChrTAG = (unsigned char*)malloc(16);
memset(pChrTAG, 0, 16);

unsigned char* pChrKey = (unsigned char*)malloc(16);
memset(pChrKey, 1, 16);

if(aes_init() == RETURN_GOOD)
    printf("AES Initialised!\r\n");

gcm_ctx ctx[1];
if(gcm_init_and_key(pChrKey, 16,
        ctx) == RETURN_GOOD)
    printf("GCM Initialised!\r\n");

    //It crashes here
gcm_encrypt_message(pChrIV, 24,
        pChrHeader, 16,
        pChrMessage, strlen(pChrMessage),
        pChrTAG, 16,

if(gcm_end(ctx) == RETURN_GOOD)



I've tried changing Key and IV lengths, but the problem persists.

I'm compiling it in Eclipse in Ubuntu 10.4, using the GCC C compiler.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Many thanks in advance!


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I've retagged this with the C tag as this is probably a mistake in the source code (is gmc_ctx ctx[1] enough)? –  Maarten Bodewes Feb 16 '12 at 11:07
The name xor_block_aligned strongly suggests that the data needs to be aligned properly. Yet you don't align any of your malloc() calls. –  Mysticial Feb 16 '12 at 11:21

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