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Can anyone explain me, for what purpose we will use Maven with seleniumRC or WebDriver? Is it like ANT - build.xml?

Your help will kindly appreciated!!


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Maven's original purpose was to handle transitive dependency management, so a developer needed only specify their "top-level" dependencies (e.g., I need Spring version n.n and webdriver version x.y).

Those dependencies have their own dependencies. Resolving those manually for all but trivial projects is difficult and error-prone. Using Maven we can make things difficult and error-prone automatically.

Kidding aside, Maven provides a lot of functionality out-of-the-box that would make for a very large Ant build.xml. Maven does handle the build process, but it also downloads your dependencies, resolves transitive dependencies, runs your tests, generates reports and a project website, and a million other things through its plugins.

Check out the docs on the Maven web site, particularly the Maven in 5 Minutes page to get started.

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