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I am using MVVMLight in Silverlight 5. Does anyone know why it cannot send a null message?

I am using Send(TMessage message)


Generally, if viewmodels need to talk to each other, isn't this one way to do it? It looks weird that I cannot send a null message. In my case, I have a Map object which viewmodels need to share.


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In MVVM Light V4 beta, a regression bug was introduced that causes null messages to fail with a NullReferenceException. This bug will be fixed ASAP.

Cheers, Laurent

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Thank you Laurent –  Andrei N. Apr 5 '12 at 17:52
has it been fixed yet? –  Andrei N. Apr 6 '12 at 11:05

I'm not familiar with the particular library in question, but if you're calling a method with a generic parameter, you cannot simply pass null because null means "nothing" and it needs a particular kind of nothing. So for a method like void Send<TMessage>(TMessage messgae), you would have to do something like:




If you subsequently get runtime exceptions (e.g. NullArgumentException), then you could think about defining a NoMessage type with some kind of default/nothing behavior that you want to encapsulate (see Null Object Pattern).

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