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I have some specific projects which are somehow splitted in two sub-projects:

  • JAVA : A java program which results in a single JAR file
  • XML-ext : A set of directories containing various XML files which are created elsewhere (i.e. not in my IDE), and which depends on the JAR file. This project is actually the end product.

I plan to use three different profiles, basically to point to different repositories. Each profile correspond to the folllowing environments:

  • In development, I build the current JAR file with dependencies, copy it to the XML-ext directory, and then copy the XML-ext project to a specific place on my server.
  • In production, I build the JAR, and release it in my nexus repository along with sources and javadoc
  • In distribution, intended to build the actual final product, the XML-ext must be zipped and include an obfuscated version of the JAVA project.

My goal here: manage this workflow with maven and my IDE.

Now my question is: given that the main project, responsible for the final product, is not Maven-friendly (i.e. it's not a JAVA project, but it depends on some), what would be the best way to manage it using Maven ?

I've a few ideas, but all have some drawbacks:

  • Use a single JAVA project, and include the XML-ext in a src/main/xml-ext directory. Drawback: depending on the environment (dev, prod, distrib), I will get different artifacts... (JAR in dev / prod, zip in distrib)
  • Use two different projects. Drawback: as the main project is not JAVA-based, I'm not sure how I can use it, and furthermore NetBeans is not really configured to handle non-java based projects.

Any suggestions ?

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First: What kind of project is the main project ? (C, C++, Ruby ?) – khmarbaise Feb 28 '12 at 9:20
The main project is XML-based. A specific application is used to build those XML files, and the combinaztion of these XML files with the JAR file provides the end-product. – ecniv Mar 1 '12 at 15:27

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