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I'm using gmaps4rails awesome gem in my current project and have to import more than a thousand objects in the DB that should act as gmappable.

However not all of them have correct addresses! So when I try to import it fails on the first address that could not be geocoded with Gmaps4rails::GeocodeStatus.

Is it possible to skip errors and geocode where possible?

I came up with this:

acts_as_gmappable :process_geocoding => false
before_save :prepare_gmaps    


def prepare_gmaps
    data = Gmaps4rails.geocode(address).first
    self.latitude= data[:lat]
    self.longitude= data[:lng]
  rescue Gmaps4rails::GeocodeStatus
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Did you simply try:

acts_as_gmappable :validation => false
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THNX I`ll check it out –  prikha Feb 21 '12 at 12:48

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