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I have stored some names and scores in a SQLite Database, as shown in the screenshot.

enter image description here

Database name: database

Table name: table

Fields in table Table:

* Name

* Score

I can retrieve the name from the database for the given score.

My requirement is, if I give a range value of 10, it should be added to the score and I should get the set of names in the given range.

For example, if the range value is 10, and the given score is 120, I should get the set of names between the range 120 to 130.

So, the result should be Mike, Raj and Sams.

How could I make this work? Is there any query? Thanks in advance.

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Is this SQLite, MySQL, or both? – Blorgbeard Feb 15 '12 at 12:32
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Sure, how about:

select name from table 
where score >= @score and score <= (@score + @range)

Alternative syntax:

select name from table 
where score between @score and (@score + @range)
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SELECT Name FROM table 
WHERE Score >= @yourScore and Score <= (@yourScore + @delta)
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select * from my_table where score >= start and score <= start + range
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