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Why does the "make baseline" command on clearcase explorer need the concerned user's view ? (indeed, it asks for the "view context")

I don't see why clearcase expects this because a baseline applies on Stream...not a view.

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The cleartool mkbl man page (which is the command behind the "Make Baseline") mentions:

-vie/w view-tag

Specifies the view from which to create baselines. Baselines are created in the stream that the view is attached to.

For example, if you are working in coyne_dev_view, but want to create a baseline from the configuration specified by the view coyne_integration_view, use -view coyne_integration_view.
This option creates a baseline in the project's integration stream that includes all the checked-in versions contained in coyne_integration_view.
If you do not specify view-tag, the current view is used.

In other words, making a baseline is about putting a label on a version of each files of a given component for a given stream.

  • which Stream? Answer: the one referenced by a view
  • which version? answer: the one selected by the config spec of the view (ie not necessarily the latest one created on a Stream)

So to know what to label, ClearCase needs a view when making a baseline.

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very well explained. Thanks :) –  Mik378 Feb 15 '12 at 13:16

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