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I want to display raw data of one value from database. Table is quite big, with a lot of data and i need only 5 columns on index page. So i defined needed columns in criteria and used doSelectStmt with pager to paginate result.

Im displaying it like this:


TEXT field contains some HTML and i want to display it normally (not escaped). However, 3 other fields (not show in code above) have to be escaped, because they can have some html too, but it cannot by interpreted as html.

I know that in normal object, i can do: $sf_data->getRaw("foo")->getBar() instead of $foo->getBar() to get expected result.

But how i can get same, when i dont have normal object, only array of data like in this case?

I know i can do $sf_data->getRaw("pager")->getResults() in a foreach, but it will unescape ALL fields which is tottal wrong!

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Do you have to access the properties via arrays (which is ugly btw)?

If you were accessing the properties via the object getter methods, you could do:

echo $News->getText(ESC_RAW);

And your text field would be escaped.

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well, yes, i have to use it in this way. –  WombaT Feb 19 '12 at 10:15

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