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Any ideas how I correct this.. calling a service via js

The message with To 'http://MySite.svc/GetStateXML' cannot be processed at the receiver, due to an AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher. Check that the sender and receiver's EndpointAddresses agree


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Can you show us the service config file? –  Richard Blewett Feb 15 '12 at 13:18

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I just ran into this as well while going through an example in the Learning WCF book by Bustamante. I had used the WCF Config Editor to fill out my config on my host and had put the value in the name attribute for my endpoint rather than the address attribute. Once I fixed it things worked. I found another post that suggested using:

[ServiceBehavior(AddressFilterMode = AddressFilterMode.Any)] 

on the implementation class, which worked but wasn't the root cause.

Bottom line appears to be: make sure your client and server configs match.

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