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I'm using Expandable List view. In my app both the group and child have content. So I need to start activity on groupClicked as well as on Child clicked. As the default action (given in android) when I click on a group the group expands.

I want to add a action on the group indicator button. So that, when the group is clicked the activity will start and when the group indicator button is clicked the child will be shown.

 > a group 
     child 1
     child 2...

How can I do that ?

Thank You

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Just out of curiosity : what difference do you make between "showing the group's content" and "show the group's children" (based on this picture : bogotobogo.com/images/Android/Android7/SmplExpandable.png)? –  Zakaria Feb 15 '12 at 13:33
I need to start activity for both group and child. Thanks for comment. –  ashish Feb 15 '12 at 13:38

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as far as I know, It is not possible to add any action on default button of expandable list.

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you can set groupIndicator to null and then add a button to your group layout and handle whatever you want on the button onclicklistener

this link may help you to handle multiple listeners on one list item

CustomListView Example

and this one for ExpandableListView:

ExpandableListView Example

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Using "findviewbyId" call id of group and child group into activity.Generate group and child group listviews in string.xml.Using onClickListener we can show group and childgroup

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