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I'm currently trying to use SweaveListingUtils. Because of the vignette, the first steps are quite easy.

Only the line numbers (including references) are not working as intended/expected (the relevant Sweave/R/LaTeX code is posted below):

x <- rnorm(3) # comment (*\label{comment1}*)
print(round(x, 2))
a <- 2 # comment (*\label{comment2}*)
Note that line \ref{comment1} and \ref{comment2} contain comments. 

The output should contain the executed code and the printing including line numbers from 1 to 3. But the numeration restarts after the print command!

Also the references are affected:

Note that line 1 and 1 contain comment.

Does anyone know how to get correct line numbering using Sweave and SweaveListingUtils? (I assume that the solution works with printing, plotting etc. from/in the R code!)

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