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Another Java/Netbeans-Newbie-question: I've started looking into swt, but having some trouble getting it to work in Netbeans. In Eclipse, it works fine though after setting forcing the 32-bit-version.

Where can I add the flags (i.e. -d32) to the jdk1.6 settings? I figured it would be in MyProject/Properties/Libraries (at least, here I can set 1.6), but I can't flag here. Any hints appreciated!

Thnx in advance, Marcus

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Do you need that flag to run your application or to run NetBeans – a_horse_with_no_name Feb 15 '12 at 13:54
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You can add the 32-bit JDK 1.6 as one of the Java platforms by opening the "Java Platform Manager" dialog

Tools->Java Platforms->Add Platform...

and pointing it to your 32-bit JDK 1.6 path.

Then you can let your project use the platform you added

(right-click project)->Properties->Libraries->Java Platform

There is also a "Manage Platforms" button on the above dialog in the project properties that will take you directly to the "Java Platform Manager" dialog.

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