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My source is dat file. Intially in designer I can I import the file from my local. But later it gonna to come in shared location and Informatica need to pick it from there. I guess, for this I need to put parameter value 'Source file Directory' = '$PMSourceFileDir\' at session level in Workflow Manager. Now where is this Parameter file located? How can I get it to edit it so that I can put my parameter value also. Informatica is installed in my local but I am connecting to the repository of remote. Is there any other way so that Informatica can pick this dat file from a remote location. Please help.

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$PMSourceFileDir is usually set as part of the Informatica server initialization, since it is a server variable. If you want to override it for your workflow, you can do so in a parameter file.

In your workflow monitor, go to the workflow designer tab, open your workflow.

Go to Workflow > Edit > Properties > Parameter file Name.

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I do not believe you will need a parameter file. Parameter files are used to change Informatica's behavior based on the contents of a file, allowing you to change behavior by editing a file rather than editing Informatica code.

When Informatica reads a source file it is always from the local machine, so changing the value of $PMSourceFileDir or changing the value for 'Source file directory' will only change where on the local machine it will look for your file.

You have a few options: * Copy the file to your Informatica host first. * Use an S/FTP connection and read the file from wherever it may be located, assuming that place is running an FTP server or SSH. * Use an NFS mount or SSHFS.

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You can also place the parameter file under ,

Right-click Session > Edit >Properties > Parameter Filename

this will override the parameter file location specified in workflow properties.

I think 'Source file Directory' will only be able to pont to the local server, if you wish to create target at some remote server you need create a post-session script which will scp/ssh the file from the local server to remote server after workflow get successfully executed.

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