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I have a query that uses both pivot and unpivot at the same time and I got it working fine. The code is part of a stored procedure that gets called from a Excel Macro when user passes in the parameters from the form.

I cant seem to think of a way of making my "IN" string dynamic. The IN part is something like

  Sum(numbers) for

  WeekNum in ([12*02],[12*03],[12*04],[12*05],[12*06],[12*07],[12*08],[12*09],[12*10],[12*11],[12*12],[12*13])
  ) as q

I am trying to make the IN clause dynamic. So, if a user types in 12*04 as their starting range and 12*16 as their ending range, the above code should change dynamically. I could pass the entire query as a string and then update it, but I am not sure if that would work. Any thoughts?

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It will work as long as you construct the SQL statement in the stored procedure dynamically and execute it via sp_executesql

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To this end, I have a T-SQL based question. Consider the above string where you can find the position of the first * using charindex function. How would you find the rest of them? –  rvphx Feb 15 '12 at 15:04

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