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Wich is the best book for Android and OpenGL ES 1 ??

I'm trying to achieve some needs but i prefeer to read a great book to understand in the better way opengl es for android


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Beginning Android Games i read this book it uses openGL ES 1.0 for android platform , its not a reference for OpenGL ES 1.0

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As a start point I would recommend OpenGL ES 2.0 example provided by Google. Once you think you understand this example well enough stick your hands into programming and bookmark OpenGL ES 2.0 reference page into your browser and download GLSL ES specification .pdf. There's a lot you can do within this simple example by modifying fragment shader code for example.

As for books, I wouldn't recommend an Android specific book in general, but the best book I have found so far is the "OpenGL 2.0 Programming Guide" also known as the Gold Book.


It is a very complete guide on the library itself and covers the topic from A to Z.

EDIT: Here are some links



I hope this helps you in some way.

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