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The following is structure of my program





Source code of abc.py

import a

Source code of ./a/__init__.py

from b import t

Source of of ./b/t.py

def aa():
   print "bbb"

./b/__init__.py is an empty file.

There is a statement


if I put it into ./a/__init__.py, then when I run abc.py, it works fine. But if I put it into abc.py, when I run the script, I get an error like

Traceback (most recent call last): File "abc.py", line 3, in t.aa() NameError: name 't' is not defined

What's the reason of this? Thank you in advance.

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t has been imported into a, and is thus available to code w/in a. And while a has been imported into abc, what a imports has not.

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