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When i run my maven build script i get

Plugin com.oracle.weblogic:weblogic-maven-plugin:2.9.1 or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.oracle.weblogic:weblogic-maven-plugin:jar:2.9.1: Could not find artifact com.oracle.weblogic:weblogic-maven-plugin:pom:2.9.1 in central (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2) 

But when i search in repository i can see it there http://search.maven.org/#search|ga|1|weblogic-maven-plugin Why this plugin is not available?

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As Oracle WebLogic is not an open source product, Oracle has decided not to publish their Maven plugins in the Maven Central repository (providing the sources for each published artifact has now become a requirement, according to the Maven Central Repository Usage Guide).

After a quick search, I discovered that you will just need to build and install the WebLogic JAR file into the local Maven cache (see the official Oracle documentation for the required steps and commands, as well as usage examples).

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