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I am using Jenkins..After specifying repository URL and credentials When i click build now, its building new build and store it as zip file in workspace.. When i change the repository url and giving invalid url, build fails. After this if i give correct repository url it deletes old builds.. I want to retain old builds even after altering the repository URL.. In build history it show all the build details but if i see the build location after specifying invalid url(save and build) and followed by valid url(save and build). it deletes all the builds and checks out the code.

I want to retain old builds even after altering the repository URL How to do this ?? any idea ?


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The workspace is a temporary thing — you should not be storing build artifacts there.

Instead, you should tell Jenkins to archive your artifacts (i.e. your zip file) after each build: select "Archive the artifacts" in the "Post-build steps" section.

Then the zip file from each build will be visible on the web page for that build in Jenkins.

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