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A co-worker of mine wants me to describe to her all the changes that I made to a project during the month of January this year.

I would like to know how I can make SourceSafe enumerate a list of all files that have been modified during January, when they were modified, and the check-in comments.

Is this possible?

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Did you try History, select all items and then Report?

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I tried that option, but the problem is that it doesn't display the comments unless I click "details", in which case they are displayed one at a time, which is unacceptable to me because there are so many files. I finally discovered that by clicking on "Report", I can export all the comments into a text-file, but this is still not that convenient. –  Daniel Allen Langdon Feb 15 '12 at 16:16

We use VSSReporter. You can search for files, versions, labels and comments, based on user and/or check-in date. You can then export the report as tab-delimited, formatted or XML, or you can export the files themselves. And it's open source, so if there's some feature missing, you can add it yourself.

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