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I am looking for a WYSIWYG for XPS that will ouput the raw XAML.

My intentions is use the tool for a way to quickly generate and test the XAML (of XPS documents) with the intention of then generating the same xaml in code and programmatically generating an XPS document. The same approach that many people use for generating html.

Can anyone recommend any of the below products or suggest any others? Better yet does anyone know of a free XPS editor?

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Please let me know if you found one. –  Gulshan Jul 27 '10 at 9:56

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You could try just using MS Word 2007, and then export to XPS. Rename the .xps file to .zip and you'll see the raw xps data when you unzip.

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Good luck. XPS documents don't hold FixedPages with TextBlocks and other comfy WPF controls. Its all Canvases with Glyphs. Real low-level representations of what you'd use to construct an XPS document in code. At least when the document is created with the XpsWriter.

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If you have Adobe Illustrator (US$599; 30 day free trial), you can use Michael Swanson's Adobe Illustrator XAML export module.

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