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I have an entity with a DateTime property that is mapped to a table in an Oracle database.

The following query leads to NHibernate using a non-existent date function instead of trunc:

session.Query<MyEntity>().Where(x => x.MyProperty.Date = myDate);

The resulting SQL is something like this:

select <columns> from MY_ENTITY where date(MY_PROPERTY) = :p0;

How to tell NHibernate to use trunc instead?

I am using the ODP.NET provider of NHibernate (OracleDataClientConfiguration.Oracle10).

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This issue was fixed about a month ago, but a stable version hasn't been released yet (as of 15/Feb/2012)

Until that happens, just inherit from Oracle10gDialect and register the function in the constructor:

RegisterFunction("date", new StandardSQLFunction("trunc", NHibernateUtil.Date));

Then configure NH to use the modified dialect.

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Thanks, that's what I did already in the meantime. Good to know it is fixed! :-) –  Daniel Hilgarth Feb 15 '12 at 17:30

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