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Is it possible to ORDER results with Query or Scan API in DynamoDB?

I need to know if DynamoDB has something like [ORDER BY 'field'] from SQL queries?


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Not explicitly, however, ordering is obviously needed for many real world use cases and can be modeled by means of the Hash and Range Type Primary Key accordingly:

In this case, the primary key is made of two attributes. The first attributes is the hash attribute and the second one is the range attribute. Amazon DynamoDB builds an unordered hash index on the hash primary key attribute and a sorted range index on the range primary key attribute. [emphasis mine]

You can then use this range index to optionally request items via the RangeKeyCondition parameter of the Query API and specify forward or backward traversal of the index (i.e. the sort direction) via the ScanIndexForward parameter.

Update: You can order by an attribute with a local secondary index in the same way.

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The ScanIndexForward param seems to only apply to Query, not Scan correct? How would one return an ordered paginated list of all items in a table using Query? Scan seems to be the way to return "*", but it does not seem to have a param for ordering results. – case2000 Feb 15 '12 at 20:20
I've not used this feature, only read about it, but Query supports specifying a Limit, to cap the number of results received, and if there are more items that match your query when the limit is reached, you'll receive a LastEvaluatedKey that can be used to do another query and keep retrieving results. – fernio Dec 10 '14 at 15:59

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