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I have two text inputs and I am trying to insert their values into my SQL database, but for some reason when i preset the input tags with any value ( numeric or alphabetical ) my '$_POST' if statements fail to pick them up on the next page.

<form action="select-process2.php" method="post" name="phoneselect">  

<td><input name="B1-Name" maxlength="40" type="text" value="999" disabled="disabled"/></td>
<td><input name="B1-Target" maxlength="15" type="text" value="999" disabled="disabled"/></td>


select_process2.php is where I try and capture the posted values from my form, the code for which is below:

        if (isset($_POST['B1-Name']))
            { $B1name = $_POST['B1-Name'];

                if (isset($_POST['B1-Target']))
                { $B1target = $_POST['B1-Target'];

echo "$B1name<br />";
echo "$B1target<br />";

Its at this point that I would normally see the passed values of my inputs, however if they have the reset value="999" like in the earlier code block it simply fails and I can't see why, does anyone have any ideas?

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The fields are disabled so they won't be included in the submitted data.

You might be looking for readonly instead.

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Thanks, I swapped out the disabled for readonly and it solved the problem. –  daniel blythe Feb 16 '12 at 11:52

You also have both inputs disabled. When disabled='disabled' is included in an <input>, many browsers will neglect to send the value to the server in the POST at all.

See the w3c documentation on disabling inputs.. Specifically:

In this example, the INPUT element is disabled. Therefore, it cannot receive user input nor will its value be submitted with the form.

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