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I am working on an excel file, and i am trying to use a nested if formula to achieve what i would like.

i have two columns:


condition is this: if the value in a2=a3, then check if the minus of b2 and b3 is certain value, and if it is, put a yes, else put a no. this will iterate till the end of the excel file.

so far here is what i have. not sure how to use the excel formulas. any help is much appreciated.

if(a2=a3,b2-b3=5 or b2-b3=-5 or b2-b3=20 or b2-b3=-20, "yes", "no")
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This works:

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Alternatively, instead of using a nested IF, you could just use an AND: =IF(AND(A2=A3,OR(B2-B3=5,B2-B3=-5,B2-B3=20,B2-B3=-20)),"yes","no") –  VeeArr Feb 15 '12 at 17:35

Possibly use ABS function here..


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