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When Xcode makes it's auto-snapshots, prior to a global find-and-replace for instance, the snapshot is created without error. When I select File -> Create Snapshot the machine chugs away for 10-15 minutes (this is posted without hyperbole), and then fails with an error message similar to:

**Unable to create a snapshot**
fatal: unable to stat 'Users/{me}/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/Default/Cache/f_00476e': No such file or directory

Yes, that's the cache file for my browser. No, it's not explicitly included in my project. How can I tell Xcode to not do this? I am using the default Snapshot folder, which is


PS -> I don't have the courage to test whether or not the Xcode--auto-generated snapshots are valid.

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I'll answer my own question for posterity.

For some reason, there was a .git and .gitK lurking in /users/{me}; I killed those and then git init in the project folder and voila, re-initialized and running git.

git init was not enough; I had to purge the folder tree of bad .gits.

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