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I have the following model

class User private() extends MongoRecord[User] with ObjectIdPk[User] {

    def meta = User

    object name extends StringField(this, 50)
    object level extends StringField(this, 50)


object User extends User with MongoMetaRecord[User] 

And am loading a list of users via:

val users = User.findAll(

    ("room" -> "demo")


What I'm trying to do is convert the list of users loaded into something like:

var users = [

    {"name": "James", "level" : "_1"},
    {"name": "Jim", "level" : "_2"},
    {"name": "Anon1", "level" : "_2"},
    {"name": "Anon2", "level" : "_2"} 


I've tried the following, which produced the right number of objects in the list but with empty values:


And the result:


Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated :)

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I've edited the question to be more clear :) –  sirjamm Feb 15 '12 at 17:59

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Not familiar with the APIs in use but assuming one user can be Json serialized like:

val serUser = write(someUser)

then could you do

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