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I have this awkward issue my some servlet are not being executed.

I have a package called controller and inside it there is another or may be at same hierarchy named controller.admin

All the servlets in controller are mapped as "../" and all inside controller.admin packageare are mapped as "../admin/ "

The "../" controller are excuted properly but the "../admin/" one are not it shows resource not found

I also have webpages in two way for client it is under webpages and inside webpages there is admin folder that contain all the admin jsp pages.

When i deploy this at my home it works awesome but when i deploy on my hosting server it cannot find the "../admin/" this type of servlet please help me what i change to solve it...

Also when i upload a .war file in hosting server it takes it and when i see in tom-cat manager i find two apps one my own one and another as admin and if i delete that admin app (Which i have no idea how it came there) then i cannot access even jsp pages under admin folder..

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Not enough information to help. – Dave Newton Feb 15 '12 at 17:57
I can provide any information you want what you expect ? – xxnations Feb 15 '12 at 18:08

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