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In my Xcode project, I have several view controllers in my storyboard. How can I see the code for a specific view controller?

Because each view controller will need to have different functions from the others. So, where can I write that code?


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By default, storyboard will use UIViewController for the view controllers you use.

However you can change the class used for the view controller by:

  1. selecting the view controller (in Interface Builder)
  2. show the identity inspector (View > Utilities > Show identity inspector)
  3. Change the value in Class to "MyOwnViewController"

Where "MyOwnViewController" is the name of the UIViewController subclass that you want to use for that view controller.

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I mean, where can I see the code? I'm looking in the .h and the .m. I don't see any code that has anything to do with my viewcontroller. I've added labels and other things using the interface builder. But the h/m files haven't changed. I should be able to edit what's in the view controller, not only via the interface builder, right? But I should be able to edit it's code directly. But where? –  Dingredient Feb 25 '12 at 8:43
No, the design you do in interface builder doesn't impact the view controller. The view controller, as its name implies, is not the view, but it controls a view (it has a property view) and that view can be created programmatically, or in IB without code. However, you still can do both: have some view elements created in IB and others in the view controller. –  sch Feb 25 '12 at 8:51
@Dingredient - What do you mean by: " I should be able to edit what's in the view controller"? you mean add UI or add functionality such as actions, reading data, ... –  sch Feb 25 '12 at 9:03
Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the confusion. My situation is this: I downloaded a sample project "ScareCam" from apple's dev site. It uses the camera to detect faces in real time. Looking over the functions in the .m, I see variables like "faceRect" and "bounds." I wanted to find out which variable hold the actual coordinates of the detected face. So, using the interface builder, I created a label, which I'd like to layer on top of everything for the moment, to display the value of those variables... In the code, I can't find my label, so how can I set it to show a variable? –  Dingredient Feb 25 '12 at 9:52
You should add an IBoutlet in the view controller and link it to the label in interface builder. –  sch Feb 25 '12 at 10:10

You subclass each UIViewController to add unique functionality. The implementation of UIViewController is private to Apple, the interface is described in it's documentation.

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But where is the code? I commented on sch's answer too. I should be able to edit what's in the view controller, not only via the interface builder, right? I should be able to edit it's source code directly. But where? Its not in .h or .m... –  Dingredient Feb 25 '12 at 8:45
  1. Select the View Controller you want to see the code
  2. Go to the Assistant editor

It's on the upper bar to the right.

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