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Is there a way to build the custom Html Helpers and put them into sub-sections? I.e:



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Helpers are simply extension methods. So you could create helpers that return object that allow you to chain method calls, e.g. @Html.Button("Text").Grey().

public ButtonHelper
   public string Text {get; set;}
   public MvcHtmlString Grey()
      return MvcHtmlString.Create("<button class='grey'>"+ Text +"</button>");

public static class Buttons
   public static ButtonHelper Button(this HtmlHelper, string text)
      return new ButtonHelper{Text = text};
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Works great! Thank you. –  Saxman Feb 15 '12 at 23:53

I don't think you can do it like that. Create an enum and then use that to reference colors, like so:

public enum ButtonColor
    Blue = 0x1B1BE0,
    Gray = 0xBEBECC

public static class Extensions
    public static MvcHtmlString Button(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, string Value, ButtonColor buttonColor)
        string renderButton = 
                @"<input type=""button"" value=""{0}"" style=""background-color: {1}"" />", 

        return MvcHtmlString.Create(renderButton);

You could do the same type of thing for the table, but this should give you the general idea. It's a normal helper extension method, but takes an enum val as the parameter to give you the desired end result.

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If you want to avoid Buttons() being a function, see http://haacked.com/archive/2011/02/21/changing-base-type-of-a-razor-view.aspx for how to accomplish something like this by creating a custom HtmlHelper: @MyAppHtml.Buttons.Gray

You might be able to instead override HtmlHelper instead if you strictly want @Html.Buttons.Gray

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