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I am using Java 5 and our custom server application needs GC tunning, as some times we are experiencing 15-20 seconds pause on peak hours. We are running Java 5 on a server class machine with JVM args like -server -d64

Is there a way to tell which GC algorithm the JVM is currently using?


On server-class machines running the server VM, the garbage collector (GC) has changed from the previous serial collector (-XX:+UseSerialGC) to a parallel collector (-XX:+UseParallelGC). You can override this default by using the -XX:+UseSerialGC command-line option to the java command.

1) I want to know is that really happening?

my next question is I have added the following at command line arguments

-verbose:gc -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps -XX:+PrintGCDetails -XX:+PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime -XX:+PrintGCApplicationConcurrentTime -Xloggc:logs/gc.log

2) will they have any performance or behavioral effect on the running JVM except logging GC logs?

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You can get the current gc(s) in use using the GarbageCollectorMXBeans.

And pretty much all logging has a performance affect.

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Attach Visual VM to your process and inspect the mbeans. If you've never used it before (it's part of the Oracle JDK download), you will likely have to install the MBean plugin (which is easy)



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you can use -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal to print out JVM parameters and their settings.

java -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal -server -version

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If the GC is becoming an issue I would recommend you take a look into Java RTS (real-time system).

Java RTS allows you to gain precise control on when the GC works. Meaning that you have utter control of the worst-case-scenario and, therefore, can simulate how your system will perform under the stressfull condition possible.

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