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I'm running emacs 23.4 on OSX, obtained from emacsformacosx.com. I'm writing matlab code, using the latest code from matlab-emacs.sourceforge.net. This mode includes integration with GUD for stepping through matlab code.

I can set breakpoints and step through matlab code with no problems. However, when I set breakpoints, no "stop-sign" icon appears next to the lines that have breakpoints. The arrow icon indicating the line on which you are stopped does appear.

I've seen emacs screenshots online that show stop-sign icons, but I can't find any GUD documentation on this.

How can I get these icons to appear?

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The generic GUD mode does not support this. Recent versions of Emacs has a special gdb mode which uses the gdb machine interface and therefore can show breakpoints. I think the matlab debugger is based on GUD.

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I got the same answer from the matlab-emacs mailing list. There are some more details there: How can I get emacs to display a stop-sign icon when I set a breakpoint? –  Dan Becker Feb 27 '12 at 16:27
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