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I have an image and I want to calculate the average gray value of different patches of the image. I started with defining a patch using a row and column index. This is how I specify my where my subimage is located.

for x = 10 : 1 : 74
    for y = 30 : 1 : 94            

Now how do I calculate the average gray value of this subimage? I know that all this means is finding the mean(mean(image)). But since I have only the row and column positions, how can I apply this same concept.

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try this

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This is quick and easy and it worked. Thank you. – Sista Feb 15 '12 at 18:53

Assuming your image is some MxN matrix why don't you create a submatrix and calculate the mean over that?


subimage = image(10:74, 30:94);
mean_grey = mean(mean(subimage))
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Thanks a lot. I didnt really know it is so easy to specify a sum-image. – Sista Feb 15 '12 at 18:53

An alternative solution: convolve the image (I) with a flat kernel (h) (size of your 'sub-image') and take the value of the result at any index.

h = ones(a,b); % sub-image is size a x b
h = h / sum(h(:));
J = imfilter(I, h);
% J(x,y) will give you the average of a sub-image centered on (x,y)

Edge cases may cause strange behavior (sub-image out of image range), but you can supply a third argument to imfilter to address this.

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