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I want to check if a user liked my fan-page from my website and if he did i skip the step and if he didnt i want to suggest him to like my fan-page,its all on my website i dont want to put a landing page or something else on my fan-page.all of it is on my website,i don't want to put a landing page or anything else on my fan-page. Thanks

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there are only 2 ways for this:

-) use the edge.create event:

downside: this can only check right after clicking a like button on your website. so, if the user comes back, you can´t be sure if the like button is still clicked. also, you never get the id of the user, of course

-) authorization with facebook login > you can check for the user likes > user_likes permission needed. but i doubt that you really want to authorize the user just for this...

the graph api call you could use:


subscription: permission user_subscriptions needed. graph api call would be the following:

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graph api would be much easier, in a nice simple batch call :-) – Shawn E Carter Oct 28 '12 at 12:22

You need user_likes permission to view like information about the current session user.

refer to:

then simply use fql to request information.

SELECT page_id FROM page_fan WHERE uid=me() AND page_id=22934684677

If user likes the page graph will return id of page. Example graph request like for page Facebook.

  "data": [
      "page_id": 20531316728

Else array will be empty.

  "data": [
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