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I am using VS2010 and in all of my projects "My.Resources" is available and shows all the files that are in the "resources" section of the project. In this one project I have a bunch of resource files in the project but the compiler complains:

'Resources' is not a member of 'My'

Where I do:

Private lockedImage = My.Resources.myfile

How do I fix this?

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In VS2010 Look in the Solution Explorer at [Your Project] -> My Project -> Resources.resx. Click on "Properties" and make sure that "Custom Tool Namespace" says "My.Resources". (took me an hour to figure this out)

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and change Custom Tool to ResXFileCodeGenerator – aelgoa Aug 29 '13 at 14:50
@aelgoa, that didn't work for me, in fact, changing it caused more problems. I had to restore a backup of Resources.resx and Resources.Designer.resx – CrazyTim Aug 26 '14 at 1:17

I had the same error while creating a new solution based on elements (forms, classes, resources, etc.) from another project with different name.

Since my resources namespace was "My.Resources" as @denis pointed out previously, I tried to regenerate resources namespace by doing right click over "Resources.resx" in solution explorer and click on "Run custom tool"... That displayed a window that shows a message saying that some icons declared in XML were not present in the system.

Since I did a search and replace on the entire solution looking for the old name and changing to the new one, that affected the XML file where resources are declared. Changing the icon file name did the trick.

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The above is a valid solution but I noticed in my case that the error resulted from another issue. Sometimes what we think is the error is actually the result of a preceding error. You can get this error as well if you deleted the resources from the Resource folder in the Solution Explorer. If you intended on removing these resources then you need to actually delete them by clicking the "Remove Resource" button in the Resources section of your project properties. This will then remove traces of the missing item in the underlying auto-generated code. After clearing an icon resource file that was deleted improperly I no longer had an issue with VS losing reference to My.Resources.

Hope that helps someone.

Update: I also received this error when I added a resource file to my project when it was open in another program. In my case I added a User Manual word document but it was still open in Word. All I had to do to remedy this issue was delete the word document out of my resources, close it in Word and re-add it again. Once I built the solution the errors went away.

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The previous solutions here did not work for me.

The 'Resources' is not a member of 'My' was caused by trying to add an icon to a button. I tried running the custom tool on the Resources.resx and kept getting an error.

My solution was to go into My Project > Resources and remove the added icon. Once that was done I did a clean & rebuild. That did the trick for me.

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In My case the simple fix was

  1. Edit the resources.resx file to not have duplicate entries as mentioned above.
  2. Remove Last Entries you Entered, could be causing the problem
  3. Go to the 'My Project' section for you application.
  4. Change the application type from Windows Forms Application to Class Library, then change it back.
  5. In my case that hooked up the My.Resources again.
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Fütemire described my problem. I had just "cleaned up" some unused files in both the resources (doing an Open My Project within VS) and probably (I must admit), I deleted some files directly from the Resources folder outside of VS. Oops.

I just opened Resources.resx file and found two items that red underscores, indicating it couldn't find these files. I removed those data blocks within the XML file and that fixed the problem for me. Thanks.

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In , if Resouce File available than just check Resorces.resx is available And Resorces.Designer.vb not Available than once Exclude Resorces.resx and include Resorces.resx than automatically generate Resorces.Designer.vb you got to fix all error related..

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simply edit the Resources.resx in notepad++. Trace the cause of the error (error displays in the Resources tab of your project properties), remove the line that causes the error. then on your solution explorer, right-click Resources.resx then Run Custom Tool.

this would surely resolve the problem.

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How I fixed this: Visual studio points the error to this line: Global.Resources.rptRecal.ResourceManager

It says can not find rptRecal. I know this file exists, so I just removed the line, type it again, let the "auto complete" feature kick in.

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I found an unusual way to fix this error. After trying so many things.

I deleted images from the resources folder and ended up with 'Resources' is not a member of 'My' 170 errors

This fixed the error. I deleted all files in the resource folder. I restored them from the recycle bin and all the errors went.

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Had more luck changing "My.Resources" to "MyResources" and changing the Access Modifier of "Resources.resx" to Public (it was previusly Friend Access Modifier)

Fixed the error for me

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After facing the same issue having used a couple of tools to assist in Resource Translation, this is what fixed it for me:

  • Go to "My Project", select the "Resources" tab
  • On top you'll see "Access Modifier"
  • In my case it was set to "(Custom)". Change it to Friend or "Public" (depending on your needs) and the error should be cleared.

I'm using ResX Resource Manager plug in to assist with the translation. This error seems to keep re appearing whenever I try to manage a resource in Resource Manager while having "My Project" window open. When this happens, ResX Resource Manager throws an error and the My.Resources error re appears. Repeating the procedure above restores things to working condition again.

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I'm unsure if Web Applications work differently or not with regards to the My.Resources namespace but none of the other solutions in this question helped at all.

My resources were auto completing normally but I got the

Resources is not a member of My

errors in the error window.

I finally resolved the issue by importing the My namespace at the top of the class file.


Imports <MyAppNameSpace>.My

and could then access the resources by calling only:

String x = Resources.<NameOfMyResource>

Strangely it would not work importing ONLY the App namespace. I had to also import My too

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On your new project:

  1. Go to any button using an image
  2. Go to image
  3. Try to load any image
  4. From import - try to load all your images from the other project

So - no errors will appear - I applied this in VS2013

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Please don't shout your answers. – Adam Zuckerman Apr 17 '14 at 23:45

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