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I'm working on TCP client-server application using the IntNReceiver protocol. Server is accepting multiple TCP connections from client. I would like to let other threads use the protocol's sendString method, on both client and the server. I tried to use synchronized queue, monitored in separate thread and reactor.callFromThread() to call the sendString from there. This seems to work but there is a weird delay of about 20 seconds before the actual sendString actually sends the string. It does not block, returns immediately. I ran strace and the send() system call is definitely delayed. What is the proper way to do this kind of thing with twisted?

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Just use callFromThread directly as your queue. The reactor is already synchronizing on and monitoring it. Anywhere you want to call foo.sendString() from a non-reactor thread, just do reactor.callFromThread(foo.sendString). Building additional infrastructure to do this (your own custom synchronized queues, for example) is just additional code that might break – as you have already discovered.

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Thanks, this is definitely the way to go. In addition, the thread from which I was invoking reactor.callFromThread(foo.sendString) was created using regular Python threading API. I switched to reactor.callInThread instead and everything works fine now. Does it mean that callFromThread guarantees thread safety only when called from threads created by callInThread or deferToThread? Or maybe after a little cleaning I fixed something else that was causing this problem... ;) – Chris Koston Feb 15 '12 at 22:51
callFromThread should work fine from any Python thread, not just those created by callInThread (or indeed, created by anything related to Twisted). – Glyph Feb 16 '12 at 13:21

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