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I'm using MySQL as a database and I have some design questions:

I have a table "locations" containing locID, lat & long & name values of a certain location.

I also have a table categories with ID and category-name & locID.

Now I want to make sure that categories can be assigned to multiple locations. How do I do that correctly? It doesn't make too much sense to have the same category stored multiple times, once for every locID, does it? What's the way to go here?

Thank you! Ron

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You can use a join table to model the many-to-many relationship.

location_id   category_id
1             1
1             2
2             1
2             3
3             4

Add foreign key constraints to prevent invalid values from being entered into the table:

  • From location_category.location_id to locations.locID
  • From location_category.category_id to categories.ID

Also make (location_id, category_id) the primary key for the table to prevent adding a category to the same location multiple times.

When reading the data from the table, use JOINs to get the related data from the main tables:

FROM location_category
JOIN locations ON location_category.location_id = locations.locID
JOIN categories ON location_category.category_id = categories.ID
WHERE ....
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Huh, I don't really understand that, what kind of fields do I need to create to link the catyegory to the location? –  cerr Feb 15 '12 at 19:36
Ah, got it, that's awesome, I just need a table (foreign key) to associate one key to the other, awesome! Thank you! –  cerr Feb 15 '12 at 19:58

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