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I want to read some json files in android ndk ! problem is i could not find any tutorials that describe direct access to assets in ndk (most of them say i should pass pointer from java code to native but i cant use that ) I also tried to find some example about <android/asset_manager.h> but again no luck!

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Why can you not use a file descriptor passed to native code? It certainly works if done properly. If you're having trouble with that or via asset_manager.h, what are your specific issues? –  NuSkooler Feb 15 '12 at 21:16

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Copy FileOperation.h and FileOperation.cpp into cocos2d-x/HelloWorld. Invoke FileOperation::saveFile() and FileOperation::readFile() in HelloWorld::init(). Modify cocos2d-x/HelloWorld/android/jni/helloworld/Android.mk.

Rebuild and run

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