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So I've got a WebDAV share on a virtual machine that I'm running on my laptop. I want to connect to it via emacs, edit a file, then save it. Unfortunately, TRAMP keeps giving me an error whenever I try to connect to the file. The error is "Host #blah# looks like a remote host, `dav' can only use the local host". The connection string (only lightly anonymized) I'm using is "/dav:".

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Can you not just mount it locally? Then you wouldn't even have to use TRAMP. –  Thomas Feb 16 '12 at 0:39
Yeah, it's mounted locally through Windows, but it's freaking slow. I was hoping that there was a speedier plug-in to emacs that would let me work with files over WebDAV. I really shouldn't have specified TRAMP, because I'll take just about anything. I've tried using eldav (after compiling nd under Cygwin), but whenever I try to open a file in emacs (using the ":http ://share/folder/file.blah" syntax eldav recognizes), nd throws up, drops a stacktrace (which has almost no useful information), then dies, leaving emacs with a buffer showing that an error occurred. Very frustrating. –  Lee Crabtree Feb 16 '12 at 4:43

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