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        var host = Url.Content("~/");

<script type="text/javascript">
    var host = "@host";
    $(function () {

        if ($("#Company" != null)) {
            $("#companyselect").change(function () {

                var newuri = host + "eg/" + $("#companyselect option:selected").text() + "/Comps";
                window.location.url = newuri;

newuri = /bo/eg/airline inc/5

But browser always redirects to /eg/airline inc/5

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Could it be that you are missing the hostname? In your current setup it looks like the hostname would evaluate to simply "/";

For example you could try:

var host = window.location.hostname;
var newuri = host + "/eg/" + $("#companyselect option:selected").text() + "/Comps";
window.location.url = newuri;
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Nah. It was even dumber than that. I had a $(function) definition that had gotten hidden within a partial the page was loading. The net result was it was overwriting the newuri with the legacy path. – D.Forrest Feb 15 '12 at 20:57

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