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Here's my situation.

I register (country specific) domain with Webhost Provider A because they allow ccTLD, while Webhost Provider B does not. I host my PHP files on Webhost Provider B at because I like them better (reliable, cheaper, proven etc...).

I want to achieve the following:

  1. When user types, they will see the contents of
  2. When user visits aboutus.html, the browser must display, NOT
  3. The public and search engines CAN NOT BE AWARE of the domain because it is a secret.
  4. Any solution offered must not negatively impact SEO

Will domain forwarding with masking solve my problem? Any suggestions?

Additional Detail

Someone suggested I change nameserver information from to Someone else counter argued that provider B will prohibit this because provider A is not on the network, and that provider B may ban my account for doing this. I am confused...

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You could write one PHP script that gets an URL from $_GET, downloads it and passes to user (including headers) - and then some .htaccess Rewrite magic to point everything to that script. This is about the only way that is entirely transparent to both humans and bots.

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you could try and detect bots and humans apart and have diferent actions for the 2

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