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I realize a Gwt, SmartGWT project.

I use mostly the datasources of SmartGWT.

But I have to run a special query on a remote database, I use rpc for this.

On my pc in local mode RPC operates. I also made one .war file in order to do a deployment test in local mode, that works too.

The problem is when deploying to the remote server, the RPC request does not work anymore (status code 404 (Stacktrace: Unknow as)). I do not think this is a problem of servlet mapping but possible.

The remote server is in Asia, the database is in Prague ldap server is in Asia.

This should produce this:

  1. My client sends the RPC request to the server in asia.
  2. The server in asia do a connection and a "select" to an Oracle database in Prague.
  3. The select triggers a PL-SQL code that makes a connection to an ldap server to obtain data and populates a temporary table that returns the SQL query
  4. The data is sent to the server that is in asia.
  5. The server in asia returns the response to me
  6. I'm in europe.

The fact that it works in local mode (you do not need to go to asia) make me think that this is not my code that is problematic.

I think that's the way that the data take. But how to check?

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404 generally suggests that the server couldnt find the resource. It is possible that this is an actual response from somewhere else in the chain if you have modified your RemoteServiceServlet subclass to do something other than its normal doPost - otherwise it only sends 200 for OK, and 500 for 'whoops'. Unless that is the case, 404 means your server couldn't figure out how to dispatch the request. –  Colin Alworth Feb 15 '12 at 20:54
Thanks for the answer. You tell me that my server couldn't figure out how to dispatch the request. How can I check this ? –  jose.hello Feb 16 '12 at 7:22
If you are just using web.xml to wire up servlets, your servlet mapping there is wrong, or the client is requesting the wrong url. If you are using something else like Guice or Spring to manage that, you'll need to check out how you've wired that up. –  Colin Alworth Feb 16 '12 at 20:30
Ok that possible but I have also test. When I local mode it's ok, on the server in asia it's don't work –  jose.hello Feb 18 '12 at 13:51

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