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need to write a function that will accept unknown object properties and pass them to another plugins function. Problem is how to retrieve given arguments, and pass them further?


function(obj) {

obj should accept it in form { arrows: true, size: '250' ... } etc. and pass it to other function in the same form. problem is how to pass them like that? I can make default values of all parameters, but it would make no sense if it is a large group, and if someone adds new parameters to other_function :)

thanks in advance!

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Is other_function defined like function other_function(arrows, size, ...); do I understand you correctly? Your code as it stands would work if both functions just accept an object. – pimvdb Feb 15 '12 at 20:31

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Using the arguments property you can pass to any function extra arguments:

function someFunction() {
    alert(arguments[0] + ' ' + arguments[1] + ' ' + arguments[2]));

someFunction('hello', 'foo', 'bar');
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You can use arguments propery which is implicit but available in all functions.

function(obj) {

Read more about it at MDN.

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