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I have a list of Objects and I want to sort it by the objects's ID, then all of the information has to be written into a file? [c#]

I don't want the objects to be printed I just want a method which sorts the list so that I can then invoke the Sort method and use my Serialize class which will put the sorted list into the file.

If you need any other code please let me know.

Thanks In advance.

That's my class which creates a list so that I can put the objects in it.

class ListOfClasses

     public List<Classes> fitnessClasses { get; set; }
     public ListOfClasses()
        fitnessClasses = new List<Classes>();  

     public void DeleteClass(Classes c)

     public void AddClass(Classes c)
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What have you tried? What are you stuck on? –  Oded Feb 15 '12 at 20:48

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Here's an example, assuming the class Classes has an ID property:

fitnessClasses.Sort((a, b) => a.ID.CompareTo(b.ID));
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That was fast. :) Furthermore it works :) Thank you so much :) –  Silvia Stoyanova Feb 15 '12 at 21:07

You could use :

fitnessClasses.OrderBy(item => item.ID);
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Use any of these methods:

  1. Sort using LINQ

    IEnumerable<Class> sortedClasses = 
        from fitnessClass in fitnessClasses
        orderby fitnessClass.ID
        select fitnessClass;
  2. Sort by using extension methods on System.Linq.Enumerable

    IEnumerable<Class> sortedClasses = 
        fitnessClasses.OrderBy(fitnessClass => fitnessClass.ID);
  3. Use the Sort method on the List class, which will actually modify the order of the items in the list.

        (fc1, fc2) => Comparer<int>.Default.Compare(fc1.ID, fc2.ID) );
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