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Any way to export a python array into SVM light format?

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I wrote this totally un-optimized script a while ago, maybe it can help! Data and labels must be in two separate numpy arrays.

def save_svmlight_data(data, labels, data_filename, data_folder = ''):
    file = open(data_folder+data_filename,'w')

    for i,x in enumerate(data):
        indexes = x.nonzero()[0]
        values = x[indexes]

        label = '%i'%(labels[i])
        pairs = ['%i:%f'%(indexes[i]+1,values[i]) for i in xrange(len(indexes))]

        sep_line = [label]

        line = ' '.join(sep_line)

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The svmlight-loader module can load an svmlight file into a numpy array. I don't think anything exists for the other direction, but the module is probably a good starting point for extending its functionality.

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