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I have two tables and a foreign_key index table: table xymply_locations id name lat lng

table xymply_categories

table xymply_categoryf_key

and i want to select the categories that are assigned to locid 1. How do I do this, I tried

FROM `xymply_categoryf_key`, xymply_categories 
JOIN `xymply_categories` ON = xymply_categoryf_key.catid 
WHERE locid = 1; 

but I get "Not unique table/alias: 'xymply_categories' " and I'm wondering why...?

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You'd actually doing TWO joins, one implicity with the two from tables, and one explicity with the join. So you've got xymply_categories included twice, causing your error. – Marc B Feb 15 '12 at 21:18
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You're mixing implicit (all tables listed in the FROM clause) and explicit JOIN styles in your code, hence the error.

    FROM xymply_categories xc
        INNER JOIN xymply_categoryf_key xck
            ON = xck.catid
    WHERE xck.locid = 1;
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In your query, you're selecting from two tables. One of them is xymply_categoryf_key, the other is a JOIN of two instances of xymply_categories. You're using two instances of the same table, so when you write it is not clear which instance you mean - the one that is the first argument of JOIN, or that one which is the second argument? That's what "Not unique table/alias" means. If I understand correctly what you want to do, try this:

SELECT, FROM xymply_categories c, xymply_categoryf_key k WHERE = k.catid AND k.locid = 1;

This was done without JOIN, although the evaluation of

WHERE = k.catid

maybe would be faster with JOIN, I am not sure. Also, note the usage of k and c as aliases for the tables xymply_categoryf_key (k for key) and xymply_categories c (c for categories). This is how to avoid the problem of "Not unique table/alias" which occured to you before. In your case, you would use e.g.

xymply_categories a JOIN xymply_categories b WHERE = ...

So, although I gave an example how to write the query without using JOIN - as I mentioned, using JOIN will maybe produce a faster query. Therefore, all you should do is to add the aliases.

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Because you are "joining" xymply_catagories twice so the db wants an alias for the tables in order to know which one to go to when selecting a column.

you can do joins several ways depending on what you want. A straight inner join (which appears to be what you want) can be

select * from xymply_categoryf_key a, xymply_categories b where a.catid = 
WHERE b.locid = 1;

or you can also do an explicit inner join as Joe Stefanelli shows. Either of these gives you the records where there is matching info from each table.

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