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I am pretty new to Sphinx.

Trying to find user with name "bob" and company_id "14".

@users = 'bob', :conditions => { :company_id => '14'}

  define_index do
    indexes :name
    indexes :company_id

index user_core: query error: no field 'company_id' found in schema

I have the 'company_id' in table & I re-indexed everything several times. When I am just searching for the 'name' everything works properly.

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Attributes should be declared as:

has company_id

So, in you case:

define_index do
    indexes :name
    has :company_id
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yes, exactly, then you can search with help of with like'bob', :with => {:company_id => '14'}) – Anatoly Feb 20 '12 at 3:36

Just as another helpful hint: turns out I had to change the way I called, since my field was listed as an attribute (i.e. using has), I needed to call the search method with :with instead of :conditions (for fields).

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And one more helpful hint, if you happen to be an idiot like me:

If you are getting this error and you are correctly using attributes and fields, it may be that you forgot to restart your dev server after adding a new field to the index.

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