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Does anyone know of an IDE for F# development that does not involve me shelling out $300? I will gladly move to F# VS Express if they ever release one, but spending money to just get started with a new language is not in my budget.

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Visual Studio Shell - Free, and F# supports it out of the box.


Theres a link talking about using the Shell and such too

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It looks like the latest beta version of SharpDevelop (3.0) has F# support. SharpDevelop is an open source IDE, something of a Visual Studio clone. I used it years ago when I was somewhere too cheap to buy Visual Studio.

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Monodevelop is a free ide compatible with .net and mono envoriments

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F# support in Monodevelop is in place and improving fast!!forum/fsharp-opensource – Robert Jeppesen Nov 26 '12 at 20:19

LinqPad 4.0 has the support for F#.

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start a WebsiteSpark microsoft programm. It is free and for three years you will have access to latest version of visual studio professional. Glad I found it three years ago...

here the link

this is the description of my company just to show you :

freelance without any customer just to learn new stuff ;)

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