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Server Spec:

  • Wordpress 3.0.1
  • PHP Version 5.3.8-1+b1
  • MYSQL 5.1
  • Apache/2.3.16
  • Linux

The Problem

Simple really. A website that I helped to build and install a while back has just been transferred to a new host. The front end of the website isn't presenting any issues, but when I try to login to the admin area, I get a 501 'Unsupported Method ('POST') error.

I'm a bit lost, my guess would be it's a server config issue, but are there any specific wordpress issues that might be at fault?

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Since you just moved to a new host, and are getting a server error back ... this is definitely a server configuration issue. Migrating to Stack Overflow ... –  EAMann Feb 15 '12 at 22:05

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