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Here goes my problems :
A) I need to connect to SQL SERVER 2008(using windows authentication) by passing username and password (like we do when we connect to SQL SERVER which is using SQL Server Authentication) in PHP code?
B) I need to authenticate the user based on windows authentication's User/Password .

(My Solution when to the problems when I was connecting using SQL Server Authentication )

A) Create a "System DSN" in Data Source(ODBC) configure it to verify the authenticity of the login ID -> with SQL Server Authentication using Login ID and Password entered by user call it "DBConnect". using this php code
$con = odbc_connect("DBconnect", "sql_user", "sql_password");
I'm able to connect succesfully This way I can connect to SQL SERVER as well as do other SQL queries in php codes .

B) Use the value in "$con" to print 0 or 1, hence authenticate user .

Now I require to do same things when SQL Server is using Windows Authentication .This is what I 'm doing .

A) Create a "System DSN" in Data Source(ODBC) configure it to verify the authenticity of the login ID -> with Windows NT authentication using Network login ID ,call it "DBConnect_NT".

Since this code
$con = odbc_connect("DBconnect_NT", "windows_user", "windows_pass");
dont work gives error "Error in query preparation/execution. 28000" .

I changed some setting in IIS7 Manager . In IIS7 manager -> Authentication : "Windows Authentication = Enabled" and "Anonymous Authentication = Disabled" .

Now on every call of $con = odbc_connect("DBconnect_NT", "", ""); it gives a pop to login . As I type username and password, It connects and hence allows me to do other queries using same connection parameter $con.

B) I'm not able to authenticate user based on this approach. Since when I type wrong user and password to the pop up it gives no response (Pop up comes again) and gives error " 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials." when I cancel the pop up .

So here is my dilemma

Am I using correct way to connect to SQL Server (using Windows authentication ) ? Is there some other possible way to connect SQL Server by passing (Windows Authentication ) user and password dynamically ?

I get lot of suggestion like using LDAP to authenticate against Active directory but its not working .

Please help me out I'm stuck since couple of days .

PS: I'm using SQL SERVER 2008,IIS7 and PHP5.3 in Amazon EC2 machine .

Thanks Tony for such a quick response.

But the thing is, the rest of SQL Stored procedures and queries are based on "users" with whom we are connecting to SQL Server.The Stored procedures gives different results based user connected. And I'm restricted to use "windows authentication" to connect to SQL Server.That is why I require to connect to SQL Server using windows authentication and passing user/password .

The setting I changed in IIS7 enables me to get Windows authentication pop up when I call php file (having the code$con = odbc_connect("DBconnect_NT", "", "") to connect to SQL Server) from browser. Upon providing user/password it connects SQL Server using this user/password and rest of Stored procedures also works as expected .

This php file used by flex application I'm building using "http://url/Webservice/connect.php".Flex dynamically passes user/password to this pop up from a form and hence connects. But when wrong user/password is supplied "Popup is difficult to handle" it comes continuously and flex application hangs .

If it is possible to receive some error code on supplying of wrong user/password to pop up it may solve the issue .
Or if we have some other method to connect SQL Server using windows authentication and passing user/password will solve my purpose .

Thanks in advance .

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To use windows authentication for sql server, you don't specify user name and password

as in

Connection string = "Data Source=myServerAddress;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;Integrated Security=SSPI;"

or the variant for trusted connections

Connection string = "Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;Trusted_Connection=True;"

So if you were for some reason using a DSN, skip user names and password anyway.

On top of that you need to be clear who the windows user is, it should generally be the IIS account connecting to the db. The windows authentication stuff you did, would be a local Intranet, ie all your users are part of a windows domain, or have a trust with it.

If your search on here for IIS PHP and SQL server, you'll get some info that might be useful.

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