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Adobe Fireworks saves both the master (multi layered source files) as flattened web-optimized graphics in the .png file format.

This is confusing in my workflow and sometimes the master .png file gets overwritten by a flattened web-optimized file with the same filename.

I have adopted the convention to ad _FW to the master file's source files for a while but it sometimes still fails.

Is it possible to make Adobe Fireworks to save it's master files with a different file extension than .png?

(So that it is similar to how you can use Photoshop to save it's files in a .psd file and web-optimized files are .png)

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As far as I know, Fireworks can save its files only in Fw PNG layered (editable) file format, and the file extension is always .png. As a common convention between designers that use Fireworks, often a .fw is added before the .png, so a typical editable Adobe Fireworks file can have a file name like "sample_filename.fw.png". It's easy to remember that .fw.png files are editable and, as a bonus, you can still natively display them right in Explorer/Finder, preview them, view them in the browser, etc.

Maybe the next version of Adobe Fireworks (CS6) will have the option to save Fw PNG files by default with .fw.png file extension, but I'm not sure... :)

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Turns out it does :) Yay CS6! –  Sammy Guergachi May 8 '12 at 3:33

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